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Flocculant T-329N


Description: Flocculant T-329N is a synthetic, supplied in dry solid form. It is completely miscible with water producing relatively high viscosity solutions for application.

Usage: industrial wastewater sedimentation, mineral dressing, paper making, oil production, etc.

Physical Properties:

Charge degree: 3-8%

Molecular Weight: 9-11 million

Bulk Density: 0.9g/cm3

Particle size: 20-80 mesh

Dissolving time (min): 60 (max)

Insoluble content: 0.5% (max)

Physical Form: Granular solid powder

Color: White to off white

Package & Storage:

Recommended concentration for feed: 0.1-0.2%

Storage temperature: 0-30° C in dry cool environment

Storage periods for solid: 24 months

25 kg & 750 kg Bulk Bag, customized packaging is available upon request.



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