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Furan Resin

Description: Brownish red liquid

Usage: Furan resin is sand mix binder that apply to casting, such as steel casting, carbon steel casting, iron and non-ferrous metal casting. we are specialized in producing various furan resin that all furan resin in high quality and favorable price. Our products have been guranteed by many customers in our country.

Physical Properties:

Tensile strength≥1.8МРА

Nitrogen content ≤7.5МРА

Viscosity (25°C)  ≤35

Cas No.: 25154-81-8

Package & Storage: When sotred at or below 25℃ in the original sealed containers, this product has a usable life of 12 months from the date of production.After be opened,avoid exposure to atmospheric moistrure to prevent gelation.

 Furan ResinFuran Resin

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