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Sodium Peroxide 



Chlride(Cl) ≤0.002%

Phosphate(PO4) ≤0.0005%

Sulfate(SO4) ≤0.001%




Hydrogen peroxide is a clear and colorless liquid. It has a slightly pungent odor. Hydrogen peroxide is a versatile and environmentally friendly chemical with a wide variety of applications. It is commercially available as aqueous solution in various concentrations and grades.


Applications of Hydrogen peroxide


Standard Grade hydrogen peroxide is our most commonly used grade which is used in the following industries: Pulp and Paper, Mining, Textiles, Environmental, Chemical Synthesis 


Packing of Hydrogen peroxide


25kg/drum; 30kg/drum; 35kg/drum; 240kg/drum; IBCdrum or as order need  


Storage of Hydrogen peroxide


Store the product in a ventilated and cool place, prevent from direct sunshine, heat and combustible substances. If the package is damaged or theres any spill, use large quantities of water to flush it. Do not store the product on wood pallets or wood floors