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Description: Colorless or yellowish transparent oily liquid


(1)Used in extraction of rare and noble metal. In hydro-chloride solvent, it can separate Cobalt and Nickel, and is also used in extracting Uranium, Wolfram, Molybdenum, Vanadium, Platinum, Gold and Copper.

(2)This product is also used in treatment of industrial waste water by complexing extraction, especially used in treatment of the water containing organic acids and esters.

Physical Properties:

Molecular Formula: C27H57N

CAS NO.: 68814-95-9

Density(20oC) is 0.821g/cm3;

Refractive Index(20oC) is 1.449;

Boiling point is 466.2oC at 760 mmHg.

Flash point 206.9 oC, the vapor pressure of 7.23 e-09 mmHg at 25oC.

Package & Storage: 160Kg/Iron drum



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